Best Epilator For Brazilian 2017 – Our Top 3 Reviews

Epilating your bikini area can be a difficult task. We would advise against using an epilator for the first time on the bikini region as it is a very sensitive area. You will want to test an area such as your legs to see how your skin reacts to epilating and to help acclimate your senses to the pain associated with epilating.

You can try a small area around the bikini line once you have used an epilator for more that two sessions and have an idea of what to expect. Starting with the bikini line can help build the courage to go in further as well as help give you an idea of the level of discomfort in that area. We would recommend epilating the bikini line at least 3 or 4 times before moving to the whole brazilian.

Before you start epilating the entire bikini region, make sure to follow all of our advice on preparing for epilation. It is important to exfoliate the region and make sure the hair is not too long. You may need to trim down the hair or wait for a couple day’s worth of growth after shaving. The last thing you want is ingrown hairs caused by epilating long hairs that just get torn, rather than pulled out completely.

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Major Buying Considerations

The right epilator can make or break your brazilian experience. The key factor when considering one for the bikini area is the efficiency of pulling out the hair. We don’t recommend necessarily getting the most powerful or one with the most number of tweezers. This is a small area so being effective with the least amount of passes will help make it as comfortable an experience as possible with long lasting results and minimal to no irritation.

Our criteria for the top epilator for brazilian also includes characteristics that can help be most gentle and sensitive. We looked for those that will be most hygienic and have features that can help avoid irritation, bumps, and infection of the skin.

Benefits of Owning an Epilator for Brazilian

If you have ever gotten a brazilian wax, you know that the results can be worth every bit of pain. This is also true with epilating, with the added benefit of doing it in the privacy of your own home and for a fraction of the cost.

The smooth results of epilating the bikini area can last for several weeks. When compared to shaving the bikini area, epilating is less irritating on the sensitive skin in that area. It’s also nice to not have to worry about it as often as you would with shaving. The hair comes out much slower and looks thinner, so you can be confident for weeks without the worry of dark stubble. Perfect for the summer bikini season.


PictureBrand Name & ModelOur RatingWet/DryNumber Of TweezersBest Areas To Use On Body
Philips Satinelle IMagePhilips Satinelle HP64014.7/5Dry (washable head)21Underarms, arms, legs, upper lip, chin
Panasonic ES-WD51-P EpilatorPanasonic ES-WD51-P 4.5/5Wet or Dry48bikini, underarms, arms, legs
Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator ImageEmjoi Soft Caress4.8/5Dry36bikini, underarms, chin
Braun SilkBraun Silk-épil 3 3-1704.4/5Dry20bikini, underarms, chin, arms

ETT Delicate Women Hair Removal Epilator
ETT Delicate Women Hair Removal Epilator4.2/5Dryunknownbikini, underarms

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator ImageBest Features:

  • 36 tweezers that are 24 karat gold plated and hypoallergenic.
  • Antimicrobial – protects against bacteria that can damage your skin.
  • Removes hair as short as 0.5 mm.
  • Rechargeable unit that works while plugged in as well as unplugged.
  • Comes with “massaging fingers” attachment, travel pouch, and cleaning brush.
  • Allows for dual speed control.
  • Easy to handle with “soft touch grip” that fits nicely in your hand and contour design.

Our Review:

The feature that stands out most for us when looking at this product is the ability for it to operate corded or cordless. This characteristic can mean that the unit will last you for years. There are some that only work cordless, but after some time, they may not hold a charge properly and this will really reduce the life expectancy if you are not able to use it while plugged in.

The compact design of this one makes it easy to use. For epilating the bikini area, it is important to have a unit that is easy to hold and the head is not too bulky. The Emjoi Soft Caress epilator does a great job for small areas like the bikini as well as underarms, upper lip, and chin.

The 24 karat gold plated tweezers are really the best part of owning this product. This feature is great for allowing the best hygienic environment where bacteria can’t grow. Of course, you will still need to make sure to clean it, but the gold plated tweezers are an added benefit in helping you with that. No damage and irritation to the skin means longer lasting smoothness and comfort in that very sensitive area of the body.

It is also great that it has a safety mechanism, allowing it to shut off if there is pinching of the skin. It can be tricky epilating the bikini area which is sometimes hard to maneuver around, so having this feature will also save you from accidentally tearing or pulling on your skin.

When compared to some other brands, the Emjoi Soft Caress can seem to be slow. This is not really a negative for us. We actually like that it has two setting to choose from and that at the highest setting it is a bit slower. The bikini area can be a difficult area of the body to epilate as far as the curves and contours, so an epilator that is too powerful may cause more pain and pulling and tearing of the hair.

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Panasonic ES-WD51-P Wet/Dry

For those with a higher budget and need for a model that can be used in the shower, the Panasonic ES-WD51-P should be a good fit. It has a whopping 48 tweezer head which makes it extremely efficient and effective for those that have been epilating for a long time.

With the added attachments of trimmer and shaver, this unit is truly 3 products in one. Having the convenience of being able to shape and manage the hair in the bikini area according to your personal preference makes this epilator a great value for the price.

Panasonic ES-WD51-P Wet/DryBest Features:

  • It can be used wet or dry.
  • Cordless operation only
  • It has a Dual Disc Side-to-side Gliding head with 48 tweezer discs.
  • The tweezer blades are nickel-free and hypoallergenic.
  • Package includes shaver and bikini trimmer.
  • Has a pivoting head.

Our Review:

Our favorite feature of the Panasonic ES-WD51-P is that it is both a wet and dry epilator. Having the option to use this in the shower gives you the added comfort of relaxing your skin under warm water, making the experience less irritating on your skin. This ability comes especially handy for the bikini area that may tend to be more sensitive and prone to pain.

We recommend this one for those that have been epilating for a long time and are, not only aware and used to the pain, but have less hair that has also become finer over time. There are a lot of tweezers on this epilator and they are effective at pulling the hair out from the root. It may hurt a lot more if used on an area with dense hair that is thick.

We sometimes worry with epilators that are only operational when detached from the cord. This one, however, has been reviewed as having a battery that holds a long charge.

With the high number of tweezers on it, the head is a bit wider than most. If you only want to epilate the bikini outline, it may be difficult to get exact precision. We suggest this model for the full bikini, as it will do a great job of grabbing the maximum amount of hair to pull out in one swoop.

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Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator

For being a very inexpensive epilator, the Philips HP6401 Satinelle is a great hair remover. If your budget is under $50, this epilator will give you the benefits of being smooth for weeks with less of an initial monetary investment.

Perfect for the bikini area, but also great for the chin, upper lip, and underarms, this is a great buy to satisfy your total body hair removal needs. It has all of the characteristics for providing great epilation with minimal discomfort.

Not only is it a great value for those with a budget, this epilator is also great for those just “getting their feet wet.” This model will give you great results but is easy to use and gentle, making it perfect for begginers.

Philips SatinelleBest Features:

  • Abel to remove hair from the root with it’s 21 tweezer head.
  • Comes with an “efficiency cap” that provides a more gentle epilation experience for sensitive areas.
  • Two speeds are available to choose from, making it great for testing an area beforehand if you are new to epilating.
  • Fits very comfortable in your had, making it easy to handle in difficult to work areas like the bikini region and the underarms.
  • The head is fully removable and washable.
  • Corded operation only.

Our Review:

This is a very basic epilator, but is still able to do a great job for small areas, especially the bikini region. We absolutely love that it is small and lightweight, making it easy to use on awkward areas of the body.

We appreciate that the Philips HP6401 Satinelle head is removable. Being able to wash the tweezers with soap and water is definitely more effective than a brush that just sweeps the hair off. As we have mentioned before, keeping your unit hygienic is crucial in saving your skin from infection and bacteria. This is also important when using an epilator on different areas of the body.

This one does not come with a cleaning brush like most others do. It really is not an issue since you are able to wash the head. Not having a brush can actually be more encouraging to wash the head after each use rather than taking the lazy way out and just brushing off the hair from the surface.

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Once your skin is used to epilation and the pain tolerance has been built up, you will enjoy smooth skin on your bikini area for weeks. With the ability to epilate at your own pace, in your own privacy, you can customize your hair removal based on your personal needs and preference.

When looking for the best model for brazilian, be sure to choose one with the most hygienic features in order to void unnecessary irritation and infection of your skin. Depending on your user level, pick the one that fits your experience. This means that if you are new to epilating, you may want to avoid those with more tweezers and power as it can be a bit shocking.

We pick the Emjoi Soft Caress as our top epilator for brazilian. It is athe one with the best features, including the gold plated tweezers. It is very efficient in removing different lengths of hair and provides the most amount of comfort with the “massaging fingers.” It is also high on our list for the added benefit of being able to use it while plugged in.

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