Best Facial Epilator 2017 – Our Top 3 Reviews

Our Recommended Epilator for Face - Braun Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush

Our Recommended Epilator for Face – Braun Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush

In this article, we review the best facial epilators available in 2017. Facial hair may not be a huge issue for some people, but to those that do have it, it is not just an annoyance.

It is a source of embarrassment and feeling insecure. The worst thing about facial hair is that there isn’t a great way to hide it. If you’re burdened with unwanted facial hair like me, you want it gone before it can even be seen.

This article will provide you with some insight into the most effective facial epilators in the market. We aim to give you the positives, as well as the negatives.

PictureBrand Name & ModelOur RatingWet/DryNumber Of TweezersBest Areas To Use On Body
Braun Facial EpilatorBraun Face 810 w/ Facial Cleansing Brush4.9/5Wet (brush) & Dry (epilator)10Upper lip, chin, forehead, cheek
Panasonic ES 2082 EpilatorPanasonic ES2082 Wet & Dry Epilator4.7/5Wet & DryUpper lip, chin, cheek
Emjoi Epi Slim EpilatorEmjoi Epi Slim Epilator4.3/5Dry9Upper lip, chin, underarm, leg (maintenance)

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Major Buying Considerations

When looking for a facial epilator, you want to make sure it’s gentle. The face is very sensitive and we want to make sure no damage is done to the face.

On the face, there are thick hairs near the upper lip and possibly around the chin area. Most often, the cheeks will have peach fuzz. We looked for epilators that could handle both.

We looked for easy to handle, precise tools, that can be used effortlessly. And last, we love products that have additional benefits (more on that later!).

Braun Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush

The Braun Facial Epilator is the first facial one that comes with a facial cleansing brush attachment. It is a gentle cleanser that is more effective washing your face (the normal way).

Best Features:

  • Braun Facial EpilatorThis model has 10 tweezers that catch hair measuring .02 mm wide and .05 mm long.
  • It has a switch that changes the direction of the tweezer spin. This means when you switch hands you won’t be in an awkward position to grab the hairs.
  • It comes with a battery which means you’re ready to go!
  • Versatility in coverage is not an issue for this epilator. You can easily remove hair from all over your face.
  • The ease of use can be compared to using mascara. The design is very sleek and allows great maneuverability over all areas of the face.
  • The Braun Facial Epilator allows you to enjoy smooth skin for up to four weeks.

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More About The Braun:

Most users of the Braun Facial Epilator agree that this product is very effective at efficiently removing hair from the face. Both thick and thin hair are taken out by the root. The process is fast and that means less time to be in pain.

Those with sensitive skin love the gentle cleansing of the brush attachment. Reviewers are just in love with how great their skin feels after using the cleansing brush.

The only negative (for some) is that they want it to be rechargeable. For those that may be using the cleansing brush, it might be a bit inconvenient to change the battery.

We recommend that you buy rechargeable AA batteries.

Panasonic ES2082 Wet & Dry Epilator Review

The perfect facial epilator for wet or dry use is this Panasonic ES2082. If you prefer epilating in the shower due to the comfort it provides, this is the one to buy. Being able to clean your face thoroughly in the shower and use it under warm water can give you a more pleasant epilating experience (especially for the sensitive areas on your face).

Best Features:

  • Panasonic ES2082 - Divatoolkit.comThis is a wet/dry model, meaning it can be washed under water. This feature is wonderful because it allows you to keep it very clean. A clean epilator, in turn, prevents any damage and infection to your skin.
  • The Panasonic ES2082 has Skin Guard allows for better comfort and protection for sensitive skin. With the Skin Guard, there is less chance of accidental damage of the skin.
  • It is battery operated so there is no worry when when you want to take it on the road.
  • You can use it in the shower, which helps loosen pores and creates a less painful experience.

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More About The Panasonic:

As you know, we love wet/dry models they can be washed. It helps make it a more hygienic device.

Also, less pain is experienced due to the comfort of warm water (helps make your skin more supple).

The portability of this device is another area we love. It allows for quick use which makes it convenient.

Some users may complain that the epilation is not effective in the shower. This one can also be used dry if you prefer.


It is a risky task putting any kind of device next to the sensitive skin on your face. No one wants to have a device that will cause any irritation or damage to their face.

After conducting our research, the best facial epilator is the Braun. It is a bit more expensive, but that’s because it’s two products in one.

We highly recommend a clean and exfoliated face before epilating. With the cleansing brush provided along with the Braun Facial, it’s hard to forget this crucial step. The results are well worth the few extra bucks.

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