Best Razor For Women

In this post, we’re going to crown the best razor for women available in 2017. When it comes to removing hair quickly and with the least potential for pain, using a razor is probable the most preferred method. While razor burn, bumps, nicks, and cuts can be a hazard of shaving, they are probably easiest to try to prevent as well as tolerate. If you have tried epilating several times and still feel that the pain is too much to bare, you may want to just go back to shaving. That’s OK, we have reviewed several woman’s razors and picked the top products for you to choose from.

Intro To Female Razors

As with any method of hair removal, getting your skin prepared will be a key factor of your ultimate results. You will want to warm the hair and skin so that they are soft and easier to shave. It is best to wash the area with warm water and soap. If you can gently exfoliate, that’s even better. Removing the dead skin and any oil and dirt from your skin will help the hair stand clear for the razor to shave without pulling or tugging on it, causing irritation. Using shaving cream or gel will make the xperience much smoother as well as creating a good way to see the spots you have shaved or missed.

Pro-Tip: when shaving the bikini line, first shave with the grain. Apply shaving cream again and go ove the same area again, but this time, going against the grain. Remember to always moisturize after shaving to give your skin hydration and relief.

Ladies Razors Comparison Chart

Razor ImageRazor Brand Name# Of BladesWallet ImpactOur Rating
Venus Swirl Women's RazorGillette Women's Venus Swirl5$4.7/5
Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorMerkur Long Handled Safety Razor1$$4.9/5
Embrace Women's RazorEmbrace Women's Razor5$4.3/5
Schick Hydro Silk Razor Disposable RazorsSchick Hydro Silk Razor5$4.6/5
Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor and Bikini TrimmerSchick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer 4$$4.8/5

Gillette Venus Swirl

Venus Swirl Women's RazorThe Gillette Venus Swirl seems to be a favorite of many women. This razor comes with five blades, placed very close to each other to give you the most effective, close shave in one stroke. This trait helps prevent your skin from having space to bulge up and, possible be exposed to cuts and nicks. These five blades also adjust individually to the shape of the surface of your body. As you glide the razor over your skin the head moves with your curves and bends and so do the blades. Making it less work for you to have to go over missed areas.

Not only does this product give you a great shave, leaving you with smooth skin, it is also environmentally friendly with it’s re-usable handle. I know that there are other razors that allow you to keep using the same handle on new cartridges, but this one lets you use the handle with ANY Venus cartridge. If you want to try other razor cartridges, there is less of an economical and environmental impact because you don’t have to get a new handle.

In conclusion, this razor gives you a close, painless, and effective shave. With this stylish razor, you save time and your skin from nicks and cuts and irritation due to the technology of this razor. It’s perfect when it comes to contouring to areas like the ankles and knees, making the process almost effortless. The moisture strip around the edge of the cartridge provides a touch of relief to your skin as you shave, and who doesn’t love that?!

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety RazorI know that the idea of using a safety razor may not be the first thing on a woman’s mind, but this is a product that is highly effective at giving a close shave while being extremely durable and environmentally friendly. At first glance, it may seem dangerous and a bit intimidating to us, but once you learn to handle it properly, you will be happy you are using it. With the Merkur Safety Razor, you can be sure to minimize razor bumps and irritation thanks to the extremely close shave it can provide.

This razor works perfectly on a man’s face so getting that smooth shaved feeling on your legs is definitely in it’s capability. It’s a three piece chrome finish razor with a long handle that is designed for even those with large hands to be able to comfortably grip and hold the razor for easy use. It uses a single blade razor screwed into the top portion which is very simple to install and replace when needed. The straight razor design is classic and boasts an extra close shave unlike any rechargeable shaver.

You do have to keep in mind that with this type of razor you do not get a swiveling head. The best use is to handle this in short, straight strokes. Applying shaving cream is a must and leaving it on for a bit will allow the product to soften the hair even more for a closer and comfortable shaving experience.

Women tend to find this razor very effective at giving a great shave to the legs, under arms, and even the bikini area with hardly any irritation during or afterward. With a durable product like this you can be sure to save more money than using the plastic razors that can cost tons of money in a year for cartridge replacements.

Embrace Women’s Razor

Embrace Women's RazorAnother one of our favorites is the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor. If you already have the Venus swirl, you know that you can try this cartridge out with the same handle. The smoothness level achieved from shaving with this razor is incredible! You can also be sure you will not miss any hair with just one stroke. Going from your ankles all the way to the thigh is no issue, because the 5 blades on this product hug your curves and adjust as you move the razor. A smooth glide and you can be ready for your day.

With such a close shave, you may even notice yourself shaving less often. So many women have benefited from the silky smooth feeling after using this razor. Even those with sensitive skin who tend to get rash and irritation from other shavers can enjoy the relief from all of that with the Embrace.

The head is a bit large so using it on legs and under arms is great, but other “tricky” areas may not allow for this as much. The ribbon of moisture around the razors provide comfort as you glide over your skin. Additional comfort is provided by the handle, which is very easy to hold and work with. When you have a razor that saves you from irritation and cuts, you know that you will actually enjoy the results and enjoy using it as well.

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