29 Easy Ways To Get Your Beauty Supplies Organized (See How Being A Wine Lover Helps!)

Whether you have a large Diva Toolkit or a small one, it’s always a good idea to keep it organized. After all, an organized Diva is a happy Diva! Here are some ways to get organized using ordinary items or making your own.

Makeup Products

Organizing your makeup can save time and effort in the morning when you’re trying to get ready for your day. Not only will you be able to find items quickly, but you will also know when you need to restock on anything. Knowing what you have in your Diva Toolkit can also save you from spending money on duplicate items. Depending on your makeup quantity and whether you have lots of counter space or cabinet space, you’ll be able to find what works best for you with some of these ideas:

Diva Toolkit Organization Guide1. Clear acrylic drawers

These can be purchased easily and usually do not cost a whole lot. They allow a great way for you to organize your small makeup supplies such as lip gloss so that you can easily identify them.

2. Acrylic holders

Not only can these holders be used on the counter to display your items, but can be stuck to the inside of cabinet doors to make use of that extra space.

3. Plastic Tupperware containers

These food containers can be used inside deeper drawers in your bathroom to store your cotton balls/pads, makeup sponges, eye shadow applicators, cotton swabs, etc. Each item can go into an appropriately sized container for easy access. Put the lid on to keep them clean!

4. Ice Tray

We’re not talking about making ice for cocktails here, but using the trays to keep your individual eye shadows accessible and visible. You can place your small eye shadows into their own slot in the ice tray and place the ice tray in the drawer. Open the drawer and it’s all right there on display for you!

5. Drawer dividers

If your place has lots of drawers and you want to make the best use of them, use dividers to keep like items together and to keep the from rolling around and getting mixed up.

6. Kitchen utensil tray

You may not want to spend the time to put in drawer dividers, so an easy way to get the same effect would be to simply use a utensil tray. They’re not just for kitchen utensils anymore!

7. Straw dispenser

This is not only going to keep your brushes lint and dust free, but adds a cute charm to your counter-top!Diva Toolkit Organization Guide

8. Flower vase or candle holder

Basically a glass cup, an empty candle holder or small flower vase with a wider mouth, can also be used to hold your brushes in a decorative way on the vanity. Just drop some glass marbles inside and stick your brushes in. You can even use coffee beans!

9. Desktop office supply caddy

Use this to keep your brusher organized on your counter for easy access.

10. Repurpose jars/candle holders

Not just good for the environment, but a money saving idea, empty jars and candle holders can be reused to hold brushes, cotton swabs, mascara or lip gloss. Save different sizes of jars so you can have the right one for the right item.

11. Magnetic Board

Also known as a “beauty board,” can be made easily to stick your products on the wall. Simply frame a metal sheet (you can cover it in a pretty fabric for extra cuteness) and hang on your wall. Choose the products you use often and want easy access to and glue small magnets to the back of each. Stick your products on the board like you would with magnets on your fridge!

12. Travel Hanging Storage Bags

You may not be traveling, but you can utilize these nifty roll-up travel bags to hang behind your door at home. Keep your makeup in the different compartments and even label them. Keep them hanging or roll them up to store. (There are plastic shoe storage organizers that hang which can also be used in the same way if you need bigger pouches.)

13. Pencil Box

Any product that is long and skinny (i.e. mascara, eyeliner) can be stored in a pencil box.

14. Plastic drawers

There are several sizes of plastic drawers available. You can easily find the one (or many) that fits your cabinet, counter, or bathroom. A great way to add extra organization space.

Hair Tools & Supplies

15. MagazineDiva Toolkit Organization Guide holder

Use a cute magazine holder to store your hair styling tools on the counter or in the cabinet under the sink. You can even stick it to the side of your vanity or wall.

16. PVC Pipe

Attach a PVC pipe to the inside of your cabinet door or wall and stick your hot styling tools in them when done.

17. Hooks

You can also use hooks on the inside of your cabinet door or wall to hand your hair styling tools. (Command Hooks are great if you don’t want to have any damage.)

18. DIY holder

If you like making things, use pretty paper or paper bags to decorate tin cans attached to a slap of wood.

19. Silverware basket

You won’t even have to worry about letting your styling tools cool if you just stick them in a metal silverware holder.

20. Wine Rack

You don’t have to be a wine drinker to use a wine rack! Just place bottles of your favorite hair products sideways on the rack. If you are a wine drinker, use a bottle to hold your hair ties.

21. Paperclip holder

Put all your hair pins inside a paperclip holder. The magnetic top helps easily dispense them.

Nail Supplies

Diva Toolkit Organization Guide22. Cake stand

You can create a very pretty display of your nail polish or perfume bottles by placing them on the shelves of a cake stand on top of your vanity. (bonus tip: wrap a rubber band on the top of each nail polish to help your grip when opening them.

23. Shoe box

Have a lot of nail polish and don’t want to display them all? Take an empty shoe box and wrap it in pretty paper. Place a dot of the color on the top of each nail polish and put them in the box. The color dot will help you find the one you want each time so you don’t have to take them all out!

24. Tray

If you prefer to display some of your beauty products, use a pretty tray on your counter-top. Having a designated place for your items will help you keep them from getting all over the place.

25. Spice Rack

A fun way to display your nail polish (or perfume bottles) is with a spice rack. Even better if you have one that revolves.

26. Cookie jar

A glass cookie jar can be great for throwing your nail polish in.


Diva Toolkit Organization Guide27. Pant Hangers

use them to hang your boots so they’re not falling over and cluttering your closet.

28. Cheese grater

Paint an old cheese grater to hang your earrings on and display on your counter.

29. Sunglasses case

To protect your brushes from getting crushed, put them in a sunglasses case when traveling. This is also a great way to carry some of your essential products (mascara, lipstick, eyeliner) in your purse.

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