Taking Care Of Your Epilator

For some women, their epilator is the most valuable tool in their Diva Toolkit. However, even if your epilator is not your prized tool, it’s important to care for it in a way that it will make it last. After all, they are not cheap, so you will want to protect your beauty investment. Taking care of your device can help ensure it will be a reliable tool for an extended period of time. My epilator lasted ten years!

Protecting your skin from an epilator goes hand in hand with the smooth, silky, effect you are trying to achieve. Because the epilator grabs each hair and pulls it from the root, it is crucial to keep them clean to avoid risk of infecting or irritating your skin. Working so close to your skin, they can get caked on gunk composed of grease, sweat, and dirt. Most units are very easy to clean and do not require a lot of effort and time. Cleaning it will not only help the tool last longer but help keep your skin as healthy and smooth as possible.

Key Tips

read instructions image1. Read the instructions that came with your device. Check that you know how your specific brand should be used and cared for.

2. Clean your it after every use as well as when switching to different areas of your body.

3. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your device as they can cause damage.

4. For quick cleanup after epilating, put a towel down before you start. When you’re done, just throw the towel in the wash!

Quick Cleaning

brushes for cleaning epilatorA simple tool that you may already have in your epilator package will help you show it some love after each use. Most models will come with a tiny brush that can be used to remove the hair that sticks on your device. This tool eliminates the need to blow the hair off and get it all over yourself. The brush takes off the small hairs and any other debris on your epilator quickly and effortlessly.

I would highly recommend using the brush in the middle of your sessions. How often in a session will depend on the amount of hair you’re removing. For instance, I will stop and clean with the brush at least twice while epilating my legs. Please do make sure that it is off when using the brush to clean off the tweezer heads.

You can always use a small paint brush, toothbrush, or makeup brush if your device didn’t come with its own. A really handy tool you can also use is compressed air in a can. I’m talking about those gas dusters that are sold in the office supply stores. Simply attach the thin straw to the head of the can and blow the hair off in a snap!

Deep Cleaningcotton for cleaning

Once you have removed the hairs from the device head and body, we highly recommend sanitizing your tool. Using a cotton pad or ball, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol and wipe down your entire unit. I have noticed that a cotton square pad works great as cotton balls can get stuck on the tweezers. You may also consider using a cotton swab to clean the smaller crevices more precisely.

washing in sinkIf you need to get a deeper clean, you can simply use warm water and a small amount of dish detergent. Fill your sink or a bowl with warm water and put a few drops of antibacterial dish soap to help get any extra gunk off of your device. Follow the instructions that came with your epilator to carefully remove the head. Once the head is detached, you can submerge it into your soapy water and use a toothbrush to clean the unit. If you do not think soap is necessary, just use a toothbrush and clean the epilator head under running water. Give it a final rinse and allow it plenty of time to dry. You can use a blow dryer if you are in a hurry. Never submerge the body of your epilator into water unless it is a waterproof unit. If your epilator is for dry use only, you can clean off the body with a damp cloth or rubbing alcohol and cotton pad as mentioned before. These cleaning methods can be used on any of the plastic attachments that may come with your unit or that you may purchase later on (i.e. trimmer head).

Storagemakeup bag

Your epilator may have included a case for storing it in the package. After your device is clean and fully dry, place the cap on it and put it in the case along with any other attachments you may have. If you do not have a case for it, you can simply use a makeup bag instead. The point here is that your device and any attachments, along with the cord, should be stored in a place that is free of dust and debris. Before you store everything away, check to see if the epilator needs to be charged. You can avoid the frustration later by making sure it is fully charged before stored away. Some models do not allow the unit to be used while connected to the charger.